PSA is the largest and most respected third-party authentication and grading company in the world for trading cards and memorabilia.

Authentication is the process of verifying the originality or genuineness of a trading card. Grading is assessing the quality and condition of a trading card using PSA’s 10-point grading scale. Grading can only take place after a trading card has been deemed authentic.

Whether vintage, modern or TCG, PSA authenticates and grades cards throughout the hobby. Learn more about our grading process, insightful content and collecting resources below.

Australia's First PSA Certified Dealer

The Hobby Australia Cards and Collectables was Australia's first ever PSA Certified Dealer! We are one of the largest submitters of cards, tickets and packets to PSA in the southern hemisphere. This means you can submit your cards using our service with full confidence they will remain safe and that you will receive professional service at all stages of the process.






  1. Send cards to us in a sleeve and top loader or card saver. Please package up cards into bundles for each submission category you are sending them in (e.g C2500, C5000 etc) and in the order they are in your spreadsheet. This video provides a great guide on how to prepare your submission:

  2. We offer two approaches for completing your submission form based on your level of experience submitting cards for grading and your need for assistance in completing this step of the process. The two approaches are a Simple Submission Form (fees apply) or a Detailed Submission Form (no fees). Each are explained below:

    Simple Submission Form: Please fill out the simple submission form found here. This form simply needs you to enter the number of cards and agree to the terms and conditions. We will compile the submission form for you and send a copy for your review prior to sending the cards to PSA. A fee of $0.30 per card applies for up to 100 cards submitted, or $0.20 per card for 100 cards or more submitted. Once your form has been completed and emailed to you and invoice will be sent for you to pay. Please note your cards will not be sent to PSA until the invoice is paid.

    Detailed Submission Form: Please fill out the detailed submission form found here and email a copy of the completed Excel or Word file to

  3. Each submission category will be collated, each card labelled, the PSA online submission forms completed, the cards packed safely & securely, and then sent to PSA via FedEx fully insured.
  4. PSA will grade the cards and return them directly back to us via FedEx fully insured. For submission categories with less than ~20 cards in them we will consolidate orders and send them back in a single package. This may result in a slight delay between them being completed and shipping back to us.
  5. We will send you and invoice when the cards arrive back here and then post them to you once the invoice is paid.

    Estimated Turnaround Times

    The current estimated turnaround times for each submission category listed in the image above. Please note that these do change regularly and are not guaranteed. These estimates do not include the time it takes to ship from US to PSA nor the time to return back from PSA to us before shipment to the customer.

      Grading Fees

      Please refer to table above or the second page/sheet of the current submission form available here for all the latest grading fees.

      The stated fees are inclusive of the following:

      • PSA grading fees.
      • Postage to and from PSA.
      • Insurance.
      • Our processing fees.
      • GST, Customs Duties and Fees.

      Our fees do not include return shipping from us back to you after grading has been completed. This is paid when we invoice you for your grading at which time you can select your postage type (Regular or Express) and the amount of insurance coverage you want.

      Detailed Grading Process

      1. You send your cards to the following address:
      The Hobby Australia - PSA Submissions
      PO BOX 1319
      Werribee Plaza
      Hoppers Crossing, VIC

      If you wish to use a courier service such as Startrack Express, Couriers Please etc, please use the following address:

      The Hobby Australia - PSA Submissions
      Unit 35, 22-30 Wallace Avenue
      Point Cook, VIC

      Please Note: It is your responsibility to ensure they arrive safely. Therefore it is highly recommended that you post with signature on delivery and insure the cards if you feel the need.

      1. Please ensure each card is sent in a penny sleeve and inside a clean top loader or card saver. Please then place all cards for a submission category together (e.g. C2500, C5000 etc) and in the order on your submission form. Also keep in mind that presentation is important so don’t use old dirty, sticky top loaders as that will set the tone for the grader.
      2. For all submissions please fill out the Submission Form located here. Once complete please send a copy of the Excel or Word file via email to
      3. One they arrive, the cards will be photographed, logged into a consolidated submission spreadsheet with your name assigned to them, sorted into the appropriate submission groups and entered into the PSA online submission portal. 
      4. Once all cards have arrived, been sorted and entered into the PSA system the will be securely packed. They will then be sent to PSA via FedEx International Priority with full insurance coverage (third party insurance policy).
      5. Once they arrive at PSA they will be inwards processed. The clock starts ticking on the grading process only once PSA registers the order in their system. Also keep in mind the processing time is in business days, so 20 days = 4 weeks.
      6. When grading is completed PSA will return the submissions via FedEx International Priority post.
      7. Once each package arrives back they will be sorted, and invoices sent out to everyone. CARDS WILL NOT BE SHIPPED BACK UNTIL YOUR INVOICE HAS BEEN PAID. If you don’t pay within 5 business days, and other arrangements haven’t been made, we will consider starting cost recovery processes as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

      *** Note on Valuing Cards ***

      Ultimately the final grading fee is based on the grade the card receives from PSA. This can result in some grading fees increasing if a card receives a high grade (e.g. PSA 10). Therefore it is recommended that you use the most recent raw sale price of the card as the minimum value for the card. 130 Point provides an excellent resource for pricing cards using recent eBay sales. If PSA grade a card a 10, and it results in a significant value increase (e.g. from 90US to 400US, 600US to 2000US etc) then you will most likely be charged the grading fee that best matches to correct category. E.g. if the 90US card was sent in the Under 100US category originally, it would now be charged in the under 500US. Please note that if your card is upcharged the full PSA grading fee will be passed on to you as our dealer discount rates do not apply to upcharges. This is PSA's business model and that can't be changed. Evidence will be provided to customers if this occurs to provide clarity on the grading fees.
      It should also be noted that the value you declare in your submission form represents the maximum you can be paid if your cards are lost or damaged during transit from us to PSA, during grading, or on their return to us from PSA.

      Card Appraisal and Grading Preparation

      Please contact Ben Cundari @ Card Cleaning Australia if you are interested in having your cards appraised and/or prepared for grading. Once he is finished he will deliver all the cards to us in time for the submission. Please note Ben Cundari is not affiliated with our business and offers his own independent service. Therefore you need to ensure cards going to him are insured appropriately, and packaged correctly. All questions and issues associated with his service are to be direct towards him.