Sell Your Cards Through The Hobby Australia and Goldin Auctions Quicker and Easier than Ever Before

As an exclusive partner of Goldin Auctions we can help you submit your cards for auction quickly and easily! We offer two main avenues for selling your cards through Goldin Auctions:

  • Goldin Direct Auction Submission: Collectables with a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) from a reputable company, an Already Graded / Manufacturer Sealed Cards (e.g. Panini Flawless, Panini Eminence, Topps Dynasty etc) as well as sports memorabilia with historical significance (more examples below).
  • Goldin Rip&Flip Program: Raw Cards that are sent to Goldin for grading through PSA, which are then subsequently auctioned by Goldin for you.

Goldin Direct Auction Submission

We can send your collectables, graded trading cards or manufacturer sealed trading cards directly to Goldin Auctions for sale in on their many scheduled auctions. This process is as simple and easy as completing our Goldin Auctions submission from (sent to you via email, refer to submission steps below), sending your cards to us and we handle the rest!

This option is suitable for the following items:

  • Trading cards already graded by companies such as PSA, BGS, SGC, CGC.
  • Sealed boxes and cases of trading cards.
  • Sports collectables such as game used items, authenticated photographs and tickets, or notable sports trophies or medals from high profile athletes.
  • Signed memorabilia with a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) from a reputable company.

If you wish to send items to Goldin Auctions for direct consignment please follow the process outlined below.

Goldin Rip&Flip Program


Are you interested in grading and selling a big card you have hit in a pack, box or break? Then look no further as the Goldin Auctions Rip and Flip program may be exactly what you are looking for!

As simple as 1, 2, 3 you can turn your hits into cash within a matter or weeks by doing the following:

  1. Rip a card from a pack/box or score a big hit in a break.
  2. Send the card to us and we will get it graded via PSA in 2 weeks or less and sold via Goldin Auction.
  3. Receive you pay-out direct your Australia bank account (Refer to the table below for the pay-out rates)

It's as easy as that! If you want to know more about the process and how it all works read below.

How to Submit Cards for Sale at Goldin Auctions

Please follow these simple steps to send you cards to us ready for sale via Goldin Auctions:

  1. Contact us via Email (, Facebook ( or Instagram ( and we will discuss your options with you and answer any questions you have.
  2. If you are ready to proceed we will email you a copy of our Terms and Conditions for the Goldin Auctions for you to read, complete and sign.
  3. Pack your cards, or have your breaker pack you cards, and post them to one of the following addresses:
  4. We will email you to confirm receipt of your cards once they arrive.
  5. Cards will be shipped to Goldin Auctions weekly where once received they will either be sent to PSA for grading (Rip&Flip Program) and subsequently auctioned, or scheduled for auction and sold (Direct Goldin Auction Consignment).
  6. Goldin Auction will wire transfer the payout to us, and we will payout directly to your Australian bank account in AUD with minimal currency exchange loss due to our commercial banking arrangements.

Rip&Flip Program PSA Grading Fees and Turnaround Times

The below tables outline the PSA Grading Fees and Turnaround Times that can be gained by using the Rip&Flip program compared to standard grading services we offer.


Goldin Auction Payout Rates

Your final payout amount will be calculated using the Final Auction Price (the price at the end of the auction period and extended bidding excluding the 20% Goldin Auction Buyers Premium) minus any grading fees and any other relevant fees. The image below depicts the payout percentage you will receive (before grading fees and other fees are deducted) based on the sale price of your card.

For 2023 we have secured a flat rate of 105% for all items sold through Goldin!