PSA Grading

PSA is the largest and most respected third-party authentication and grading company in the world for trading cards and memorabilia.

Authentication is the process of verifying the originality or genuineness of a trading card. Grading is assessing the quality and condition of a trading card using PSA’s 10-point grading scale. Grading can only take place after a trading card has been deemed authentic.

Whether vintage, modern or TCG, PSA authenticates and grades cards throughout the hobby. Learn more about our grading process, insightful content and collecting resources below.

Australia's First PSA Certified Dealer

The Hobby Australia Cards and Collectables was Australia's first ever PSA Certified Dealer! We are one of the largest submitters of cards, tickets and packets to PSA in the southern hemisphere. This means you can submit your cards using our service with full confidence they will remain safe and that you will receive professional service at all stages of the process.

How to Submit Cards for Grading with PSA

PSA is recognised globally as one of the industry leaders for trading card authentication and grading. As a Certified PSA Dealer, The Hobby Australia Cards and Collectables has years of experience working directly with PSA to make your grading journey as smooth as possible. Click below for all the details on how to submit cards through us to PSA for grading.

BGS Grading

Beckett is the most trusted name in the industry for grading. For six years in a row, Card Trade readers named Beckett Grading the “Best Grading Service” in the world. That’s because Beckett operates with integrity and knowledge—as it has for decades.

To recognise the high standard of grading Beckett provides, The Hobby Australia Cards and Collectables offers our customers the chance to submit to them via our monthly group submissions.

Benefits of BGS Grading

Increases Value
Grading increases the value of your cards compared to raw card prices, while making your valuable assets easier to sell. We offer best value market grading that helps you get the most for your cards.

Verifies Authenticity
As part of the grading process, Beckett authenticates your cards.

Industry Reputation
Beckett Grading is the #1 most trusted source in collecting. We are the most-recognized name in the industry for our objective grading services.

State-of-the-Art Protection
Our crystal-clear holder and high-end label include advanced security features and archival material for maximum protection and enjoyment of your cards. Beckett’s holders stack together for easy storage of your card collection.

How to Submit Cards for Grading with BGS

Becket Grading is one of the favorite third party authentication services for collectors worldwide. Beckett Grading offers a simple pricing structure *(turnaround time based only) as well as sub-grades to clarify why your card received the grade it did. Click the link below to find out all the details on how to submit cards through us for grading with Beckett.


How to Submit Cards for Grading with SGC

SGC Grading boasts the enviable title as having graded the most expensive sports trading card ever sold in the 1952 Mickey Mantle SGC 9.5 which sold in August 2022 for USD 12.6 million! As such SGC is considered to be a highly reputable third party authentication company and boasts some of the quickest turnaround times for their respective submission categories. Click the below link if you wish to know more about how to submit your cards through us for grading with SGC.