The below table details the status of all submissions currently at PSA. To find which submission your cards are in please find for your name in the table for each month, identify the Submission Reference at the top of the column, then search for that submission in the second table.

If there is an error in your name, or you have trouble finding your submission, please contact us.

The 'Current Status' column consists of the following 8 stages:

  1. Awaiting PSA - Your submission has been sent to PSA and is awaiting inward receipt.
  2. Order Prep - Your submission was reviewed, verified, and logged into the system in preparation for processing to begin.
  3. Research & ID - Your items were researched so each item can be correctly identified on the PSA label.
  4. Grading - Your submission is going through the authentication and grading process.
  5. Assembly - PSA labels will be printed, and each eligible item will be sonically sealed within a PSA holder.
  6. Quality Assurance (QA) Check - Your grades will be reviewed a second time for accuracy.
  7. Awaiting PSA Accounting Release - Cards have finished grading and we are awaiting PSA to debit our account an release the cards for shipping.
  8. Grades Available - The order is complete and has been shipped back to us.

The Max Turnaround times outlined below are based on the Completed Through Dates (CTDs) published by PSA on their website. CTDs reflect the oldest submission currently at PSA for that category and ideally the absolute worst case turnaround time for out submissions. They will be updated as required based on the latest information available from PSA.

Legend for 'Latest Completion' Column

Green = Yet to reach latest completion date

Yellow = Less than 25% past latest completion date

Orange = Greater than 25% past latest completion date

Submission Status Information


January 2024



February 2024

March 2024



April 2024


May 2024