The below table details the status of all submissions currently at BGS.

The Submission status table consists of the following columns:

  1. Date Sent to BGS: Date FedEx picked up the package.
  2. Grading Start Date: Date that BGS commence grading.
  3. Estimated Completion Date: Date Received by BGS + Estimated Turnaround Time per BGS Website.

The "Current Status" column consists of the following stages:

  1. Received - Package has arrived at BGS
  2. Grading - Items have commenced the grading process
  3. Label Printed - Items have finished grading and being prepared for shipment
  4. Shipped - Items shipped and grades available.
  5. Completed - Items returned to Australia and ready for shipment back to customers once invoices are paid.

The estimated completion dates below are based on the most recent stated turnaround times provided by BGS on their website and shown below.

  • Economy - ~3-4 months
  • Standard - ~2-3 months
  • Express - ~4 weeks
  • Premium - ~3 weeks

Submission Status Information