The Hobby Australia Cards and Collectables offer ways to turn unwanted items into cash quickly! We understand that many collectors have items they would like to sell but may not have the time to list them. We aim to make your life easier by working hard on your question: "How to sell my sports cards online?".

As of 2024, our current consignment option is only Goldin Auctions. We no longer offer an eBay Consignment service. Please contact LCMG Trading Cards for eBay consignment options. The links below provide all the details on how to send items for auction through us for either service. On these pages you will find information on what information we require from you to facilitate your consignment, the payout percentages for each service as well as any other relevant information.

Goldin Auctions Consignment Service

Goldin is the premier collectibles marketplace for some of the most significant pieces of sports and pop culture memorabilia. They have a strong reputation for selling some of the most sought after collectables in the hobby and all buyers are pre-registered before being able to bid ensuring a high rate of paid sales.

Through our exclusive partnership we are able to provide customers with exceptional payout rates, as well as direct access to Goldin Auctions sales staff and social media teams to ensure your collectables obtain the best sale price possible. We can provide you piece of mind by taking care of all aspects of selling through Goldin Auctions including shipping, insurance, administration and ensure you get paid in Australian Dollars to your local bank account with minimal exchange rate loss via our access to commercial exchange rates.

Click the link below if you want to know more about how you can sell your cards via Goldin Auctions!


eBay Consignment Service

As the global leader for online auctions, eBay offers unparalleled reach for users and ensures that your items get the highest visibility possible. We are consistently one of the Top 3 sellers or Trading Card Singles in Australia and as such we are well placed to ensure you can turn your unwanted items into cash!

Whether it be 1 item, 100 items or 1000 items we will manage all the work necessary to list them on eBay for you. We offer several listing options so if you want to know more click the image below.