Beckett Grading Services (BGS) Group Submissions Now Available!


NOW AVAILABLE! As of September 2022 we will be offering BGS Group Submissions¬†ūüėÉ
Last Updated: 8th August 2022
Submission Categories Available
  • Economy:¬†$70 AUD per card & ~3-4 months turnaround
  • Standard:¬†$100 AUD & ~2-3 months turnaround
  • Express:¬†$275 AUD & 4 weeks turnaround
  • Premium:¬†$450 AUD & 3 weeks turnaround
  • Turnaround Times:¬†Please note these are estimated times for cards returned to us based on the Beckett website as of 1st August 2022. The are subject to change and we have no control over them.
Key Points for BGS Grading:
  • We are only offering grading with sub-grades. The no sub grade option is not available through us.
  • We will only send if we have 10 cards in a submission category. Any less than that and it's not financially viable due to the postage and insurance costs.
  • We will be shipping all orders back directly to us via FedEx. Each service level will ship back separately even if they all get sent together. For example, if we send Economy, Standard and Express each month, then they will all ship back at different times.
  • Please use the BGS Grading form, not the SGC or PSA one.
Cards Due:
  • Cleaning/Appraisal Due Date = 26-Aug-22
  • Submission Cut-Off Date = 02-Sep-22
  • Cleaning/Appraisal Due Date = 30-Sep-22
  • Submission Cut-Off Date = 7-Oct-22
  • Cleaning/Appraisal Due Date =¬†Not Available for Nov 22
  • Submission Cut-Off Date = 4-Nov-22
  • Cleaning/Appraisal Due Date = 25-Nov-22
  • Submission Cut-Off Date = 02-Dec-22
Card Cleaning & Appraisal: Contact Ben Cundari (click here) about the service he offers if you are interested. He will require your cards by the dates shown above so he can get them to us in time for the submission. Due to Ben being away during Oct 22/early Nov 22 there is no cleaning available for the Nov 22 BGS submission. Please note his service is completely separate to ours and is not covered by our terms and conditions. All arrangements for cleaning and appraisal are made directly with him.
How to Submit:
  1. Fill out an BGS Grading Submission Form which can be found here.
  2. Email us a copy of the MS Word or Excel file (no handwritten forms, or scanned/PDF forms please) to
  3. Print, sign and include a hard copy of your form in your package.
  4. Pack your cards and post them to us. Addresses for AusPost and Couriers are below.
The Hobby Australia
PO BOX 1319
Werribee Plaza
Hoppers Crossing
VIC 3029

Couriers (No Aus Post Parcels Sent Here Please):
Mailboxes ETC
The Hobby Australia
Unit 23, 22-30 Wallace Avenue
Suite 68
Point Cook
VIC 3030

If you have any questions please contact us before sending cards in.
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